Our Team

Catalina Lemaitre

Executive Director


Juliette Durand

Operations Director

Juliette’s curiosity for nature has enabled her to live and travel to places where she could connect directly with the outdoors. After a decade of experience in international business, politics, and project management, Juliette now unites her skills with her passion: (re)connecting people to nature. She brings her knowledge to the Childhood Nature Project by streamlining operations and supporting program development.


A lover of the outdoors, Juliette is always finding ways to mindfully connect with nature, whether it be walking, running, exploring or just “being” in nature as it brings her a sense of connection on a communal and personal level.





Lina Castaneda


Lina is an art educator, artist and designer in Miami that works with a wide range of media. Lina has worked in local art schools, national publications and brands that have allowed her to learn other aspects of the trade such as marketing, photography and advertising. These are the skills she brings to TCNP in addition to her love for nature and bare feet in the grass. 

Lina and her family grow fruits and veggies in their backyard, live a plant-based life style and are promoters of reducing waste- all as a small effort to protect our nature. Additionally, Lina with her previous blog "mom + design" created the "recycling playdates" in order to promote recycling as well as promoting imaginative play without the need of bright or loud (plastic) toys. Today she runs a blog called Lina.Miami where she promotes Moms of Miami, local events for families and lifestyle tips.