Today's children are disconnected from the outdoors. A child playing outside is quickly becoming a rarity, in fact the average American child spends an astounding 7 hours/day on electronic media. Limited physical activity and increased pressure has become the norm in our schools. Obesity and attention disorders are on the rise.

The evidence is abundant- studies prove that regular, unstructured outdoor play produces significant improvements in attention disorders and boosts physical and emotional well being of children. “Nature connectedness” is also linked to more pro-environmental attitudes and behaviors, cooperation, empathy, self-regulation and ultimately happiness. Learn more here: [link to page with guides/one pagers on value of outdoor play etc]

TCNP is led by a committed and conscious team who have all experienced first hand the power of nature-based education and nature connectedness  in their own lives. We strive to bridge the gap between limited safe outdoor play spaces in an urban setting with the power of nature. We want to educate and empower parents and caregivers on the importance of spending family time outside.